German Sporthorse Connection
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What weŽll do for you

We are your German Sporthorse Connection! We plan and arrange your horse shopping trip individually for you.

Get in touch with us - Let us know what kind of horse you are looking for. It is very important for us to know as much as possible about you and your dream-horse in advance. Are you looking for a hunter, jumper or a dressage horse? Is it important for you to have a calm and experienced horse or would you like a young one that you will train yourself? Do you prefer a mare, a gelding or a stallion? We will send you a questionaire, after that we´ll start looking and send you pics and videos of the horses that will meet your expectations. That way we make sure you´ll see the right selection when you are here.

Plan the trip - You tell us when you want to come over and for how long you would like to stay. You book your flight to Frankfurt and we can either arrange to have you picked up there or you take a rental car for the trip. We do have Hotel recommendations and can assist you with all the arrangements.

In Germany - You will see the horses that we have preselected and you can decide which horses you want to ride and try out. We will go to various stables (depending on where the horses are located). Take your time to get to know the horses to find "the one" for you.
Along with the horse adventure you can go golfing on the beautiful golf-course or check out some historical places, like the great cathedral of cologne or some castles that are nearby. Also enjoy the countryside, the food and the people in Germany. Depending on what time you are going to be here we can visit some International Riding shows or one of the stallion parades that are held by the different breeding associations like Westphalia or Hannover. We will arrange your personal trip to Germany. Our goal is to make it a lifetime eyperience for you!

You found "the one" - We will assist you with the negotiations and with everything that follows, the vet check, the transport ... to make sure you and your horse are a team as soon as possible.