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Itīs all about the horses

It´s all about the horses and finding the right one for you.
You are looking for a Dressage horse, a Jumper, a Hunter or a Pony for your kids ? Here is a little selection of what is available.
You let us know what you´re looking for, we´ll start looking for it !

This litte fellow is the upcoming Dressage Pony for the higher classes. Only being 4 years old he´s already been successful at a couple shows. He is a very calm horse, easy to handle and he jumps as well. So if you´re looking for the perfect Pony for Hunter or Dressage classes, it would be him ! more

Cassius Cezar

Another adorable little sweetheart, 3 years old. Has been sucessfully shown in dressage classes for young horses last summer. The kids at our stable love him, he´ll be a kids best friend. Absolutely an eyecatcher that will be doing great in Dressage and Hunter classes. more

Don Calderon

Impressive 7 year old Dressage-Horse. Easy to ride and very calm. We´ll take him on trail rides and he´s been successfully shown. First place in L-Dressage classes and ready to be shown for the "M" classes in the upcoming season. more


Beautiful black gelding, 4 years old and willing to learn anything you teach him. Very calm and a great character, he want´s to be your buddy :-) He´s been to a couple shows and was successful in the classes for young horses. more

Unique Diamond

5 year old stunning gelding, who has won Dressage classes "A" and "L". His biggest success so far is being 3rd in the Bavarian Championship for the 5 year old Dressage horses. He will be one for the higher classes. more

Lord Calico

Our jumper Lord Calico, a 8 year old stallion for the experienced rider. He´s been successfully shown in classes up to "M" -Level. He is a great but strong headed guy and will do anything for his rider if you have him on your side. more